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The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is now accepting Abstracts *.  
Please note that the abstract limit is 800 words and no figures are allowed.
The Deadline for abstract submission is 31-March-2018


ESC 2018 will be focused on sessions related to the latest research, methodologies, technological developments and regional studies, ensuring lively and productive debates. 

* The Abstracts will be withdrawn automatically by the LOC if at least one of the Authors has not finalized the registration before 25-May-2018

 Conditions and cancellation policy

  • Registration must be accompanied by a payment
  • Registration fees are not transferable
  • Registrations cancelled up to 8th June 2018 will be eligible for an 75% refund
  • Registrations cancelled after 8th June and up to 31st July will be eligible for 50% refund
  • Registration and services cancelled after 31st July are not refundable