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The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is now accepting session proposals.  We would like to make ESC 2018 a memorable meeting by organising it around sessions related to the latest research, methodologies, technological developments and regional studies, ensuring lively and productive debates. Sessions are encouraged from across the broad fields of seismology including, but not limited to:

  • seismic networks, data acquisition and processing

  • seismic hazard and risk, including site effects

  • physics of earthquakes

  • study of the Earth's interior

  • array seismology

  • engineering seismology

  • earthquake engineering

  • Induced Seismicity

  • historical seismology

  • recent significant earthquakes

  • education, outreach and societal implications.

Inter-disciplinary sessions involving seismology are encouraged.

Session proposals should include title, short description (up to 250 words), name and affiliation of the conveners. Session proposals can be submitted by email until 24 November 2017 at ; the number of sessions is limited to 25 and one will be jointly organized with SSA. The list of selected sessions will be published online by mid December 2017.

For questions about proposing a session, contact the LOC chair at or