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Travelling to the conference venue

There is only one public bus company operated by Malta Public Transport. Malta has no train or metro system. Information on the bus routes available can be found from the Malta Public Transport website or

Some information is included on the maps below:

We also suggest that you download the mobile app "tallinja" for android and iphone which is the most reliable source of real-time bus information.

Ferry service to Valletta

A regular and efficient ferry service crosses the harbour between Sliema and Valletta and between Cottonera (Three Cities) and Valletta. All information is provided on A local inner-city bus [133] takes passengers around the Valletta peninsula coastline to the area near the conference centre.

Hiring a car

If you are interested in driving a car kindly note that in Malta all traffic drives on the left-hand side of the road as in the United Kingdom. Please note that parking in Valletta is difficult, limited only to a few parking lots on the streets. A large car park is available just outside the city (